Sunday, January 15, 2012

I know why the caged bird sings...

 - This one gets deep, so forgive me if there's no cohesion...I've done my best! Perhaps I will come back and revise this in time, because there's surely much more to the thought process than I'm able to fully express at this time.  -

Like all else in creation, we were born free.  But in life, we will all experience some time when we find ourselves caged.  Be it by fear, injustice, or true enslavement – we will each of us experience the confinement of being enclosed by what seem to be immovable bars.  But God blessed us with free will.  He blessed us with a mind to grow, to dream and to choose. 

In any struggle, it is fair and normal to succumb to anger, rage, and despair.  Those are all fair and human.  But at some point, we must realize that God created us for something more.  You see, what is unchanged from the first book to the last in God’s message to man is this: Seek and ye shall find.  Call on me and I will run to you*. 

These messages weren’t meant for the creatures of the earth.  They have no choice in the matter.  But to man, God spoke, and continues to speak.  The test of entrapment is not the physical bars, it’s the inner ones.  Break free from the cage within, and the bars without will melt away.  Free your mind, and the rest will take care of itself.   

When the bird is caged and when it’s free, it still sings.  Despite its circumstances, it sings.  It does what it was created to do.

Man was created to praise God.  To do that, faith must certainly exist.  The trouble with man is that thoughts often complicate the simplicity of that for which we were created.  Over centuries, through countless prophets, three messengers, and three books, God has been speaking to man this one thing: Rely on me, and praise me, and I will take care of you*.  But the intellect we were blessed with challenges that concept, over and over.  It’s inevitable.  And God intended it that way. 

For those who can transcend the trappings of the psyche, and establish themselves firmly in their faith in God, they will never experience the bars of entrapment - because, despite their circumstances, they are already free.   

I realize now, what I could never have understood before.  I know why the caged bird sings! Because, be it a bird or man, when he is caged, he will only sing when he knows for certain, that for which he was created. 

*These are my interpretations of the message of God.  Please review The Torah (Tanach), The Bible, and The Koran for your own understanding of the message.

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  1. I love this one! Please leave this as you have written. For those who are in your shoes by feeling caged/imprisoned/etc as well will understand as written. Thank you!