Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your kindness, your mercy

I had a random opportunity to help two older gentlemen obtain metro tickets today. It seems like such an easy task, but these men were simply unable to maneuver the machines. I offered to help and in 3 minutes they departed on their merry way.

This experience seems totally insignificant, doesn't it? Except, the feeling I had as I walked away was light and happy. I had taken maybe 20 steps in this elated state before I realized, I'm smiling because I helped two elder men get fare cards.  Am I mad?

How often in the course of the day does Allah (SWT) provide us the opportunity to extend ourselves to assist others? How many opportunities to lighten another person's load do we seize? From the smile on your face, to the trash you pick up, or even the fare card you help someone get, the smallest gestures offer the greatest reward.

There are many places in the beloved Quran which speak to the benefit of doing for others.  The message is most simply put in Surah ar-Rahman, 60: Is there any reward for good other than good?

I believe what we often fail to realize is that the simple kindness we extend to others is the greatest mercy unto ourselves. We ought to remember that little acts of selflessness on a daily basis could earn our way to Jennah.

So, as I walked away contented, I thanked Allah for the random opportunity to extend a moment for someone else. Nothing is better than doing for others. But what a beautiful gift from God that being a blessing unto others allows us to be a mercy unto ourselves.  Yes indeed, I was smiling!

What kindness will you extend today?

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  1. adalah sukacita bagi diri kita ketika kita dapat memberikan bantuan kepada orang lain.
    Hello Zee, salam dari Indonesia